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Shoe hurled at Judge Robinson: Does sole searching

January 14, 2010

In bizarre news reminiscent of Voldemort a certain ex president who shall not be named, yesterday a potential defendant, at a mental competency hearing, hurled a shoe at Judge Palmer Robinson, of the Kind County Superior Court Bench.

(Not Judge Robinson)

The Seattle Times reports:

Chaos erupted during a mental-competency hearing this morning when a man charged with three felonies hurled his rubber jail sandal at King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson.

The longtime judge was struck in the mouth and shoulder, said Paul Sherfey, administrator for King County Superior Court. Robinson didn’t require any medical attention, Sherfey added. Three King County Jail officers then pounced on the defendant, Abdi Abukar, one witness said.

After a brief interruption, the hearing resumed.

Abukar, 22, of South Seattle, will be charged with assault, on top of his pending charges for first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and illegal firearms possession, prosecutors said. Authorities are looking into whether Abukar planned the assault and even told others at the jail that he planned to hurl his sandal, a law enforcement source said.

Abukar was brought to court around 8:30 a.m. for a mental competency hearing. After telling his interpreter that he no longer wanted to be in jail, he took off his sandal and threw it, Sherfey said.

One has to wonder if this is a new defense that Abukar was trying out. The I don’t want to be in jail, here’s my shoe defense. If you’re going to bribe someone to get out of jail, you should probably use money, and not a shoe. And definitely do not hurl the bribe shoe at the recipient.

Thank goodness King County judges aren’t swayed by these innovative shoe-throwing arguments.


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